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Grant Code: 24/N026.

Project Leader:Dra. Nélida B. Brignole.
Supporting Organization: SGCyT-UNS.
Period: 01/01/2009 al 31/12/2011.

The general purpose of this research line consists in the development of new computational methods to efficiently solve complex problems of properties’ prediction, simulation and instrumentation design, which commonly arise in the area of Industrial Process’ Engineering.
The re-engineering of our Decision Support System for instrumentation design will be carried on. The main work will be performed on the standardization of simulation modules of industrial pieces of equipment, and on the prediction of properties according to the CAPE-Open specifications.
With respect to the bioinformatics area, machine learning techniques (including genetic programming and neural networks), and scientific computation for the prediction of ADME-Tox parameters, will be applied.